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Weaving /ˈwēviNG/—
  1. the craft or action of forming fabric by interlacing threads.
  2. make (a complex story or pattern) from a number of interconnected elements.




December 17 - January 17, 2015
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

Featured Artists include: Azza El Siddique, Colleen McCarten and Joanna Schleimer.

            The concept of surface is inseparably bound to its opposite, what is beneath the surface. Surface is the most superficial layer or element of anything, while surfacing is the action or fact of rising to the surface. The surface of the artwork is a contested site between subject matter and appearance. Just as text is to subtext, surface is to surfacing; one cannot exist without the other.

Surfacesurfacing showcases the creative practices of four artists who have different approaches to materiality. In each of their respective works, Azza El Siddique, Ozana Gherman, Colleen McCarten, and Joanna Schleimer explore the complexities of the surface through their distinctly chosen materials which simultaneously foreground process and final work.

While the presented textile-based and textile-inspired art works are rich with pattern and texture, this exhibition also encourages viewers to look awry in search for impalpable notions of presence, interior/exterior duality, value, and memory. The interweaving of materiality and process-driven techniques make obvious the coexistence of surface and surfacing.

SurfaceSurfacing was curated by the inaugural Artscape Youngplace Resident Curator, Karie Liao.