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Soft Boundaries
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Weaving /ˈwēviNG/—
  1. the craft or action of forming fabric by interlacing threads.
  2. make (a complex story or pattern) from a number of interconnected elements.



“The more subtly we are tuned to our medium, the more inventive our actions will become.
(Anni Albers, Material as Metaphor)

OZANA GHERMAN (CANADA) is an emerging textile artist whose work explores the intersection of art, craft and architecture. She has exhibited her work throughout Canada and internationally. Her most recent exhibitions include New Essentials in Seattle WA (2022), Soft Boundaries: Woven Meanings of Chandigarh in Ahmedabad, India (2019), Woven Light at Lumiere in Syndey, Nova Scotia (2017), Surface/Surfacing at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto, Canada (2015), House Games Triennial in Helsinki, Finland (2014) and Hand & Machine at the Ontario Craft Council gallery (2014). Gherman holds a Bachelor of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University where she majored in Textiles and Environmental Design and an Master of Architecture from Dalhousie University.  

Through her combined practice of handmade craft, sculpture, and architecture, Ozana Gherman explores the interface of interior and exterior spaces. In particular she is interested in how architecture is related to soft materials, and uses tapestry-weaving techniques and other labour-intensive textile processes to create forms in attempt to inform the built environment.